2017 Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal Recipient, School of Architecture, North Carolina State University

"I absolutely don't want her to leave but she needs to graduate so she can go out and make her mark on the profession."

- David Hill, Head of the School of Architecture

Overlooking the Rome Forum in Italy after already experiencing Paris, Frankfurt, Pisa, with Florence next on the travel agenda, I was in awe at the massive structures, incredible construction efforts and history that once took place where I stood. Overwhelmed by the vast display of human ingenuity, creativity, and determination, I began to ponder my purpose and inspirations in my life. What was I to achieve? How was I to put my mark on this world? Could I create something that generations from now could experience and contemplate its purpose? It was in this moment that the revelation struck me that I could be a positive influence both for the community and individuals alike.

Armed with this new found revelation it has been the driving force behind my passion and desire for architecture. When individuals or communities walk up to a building whether they know it or experience it everyday they are affected. Conscious or not of the effects these spaces might have on them, I believe each space touches our lives in one way or another. We move in and out of our homes, jobs, cities, and new adventures, with little awareness of the effects those buildings and spaces have on us.  We experience amazement, confidence, fear, joy, sorrow, peace, and love as we pass through specific spaces and seasons in our lives.  Each experience tells a different story of our past and future, and where architects contribute to the story is where my passion begins.

2016 AIA Triangle Scholarship Nominee

2016 Henry L. Kamphoefner Honor Fellow

2016 - 2017 Harry B. Gilbert Architecture Graduate Fellowship Recipient

2015 - 2016 Architecture Graduate School Association, Leadership

2016 - 2017 Architecture Graduate school Association, President

2017 College of Design Dean's Leadership Award Recipient