Architectural Intern | Moseley Architects, Raleigh, North Carolina | May 2017-Present

  • Designer with K-12 Division
  • Work within a team to design and develop public projects ranging from 50,000-250,000 sq ft
  • Produce research, analysis, and presentation documents as needed

Project Manager - Designer | Jim Ervin Architecture & Design, Tallahassee, Florida | Nov 2005-2015

  • Manage project productivity and deadlines
  • Meet with clients; site visits when necessary
  • Quality Control of graphic communication
  • Design and Drafting (site, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, gas and electrical sheets; wind load analysis, electrical and gas load calculations, manual j and energy analysis,)

Structural Design Project Manager | JDS Consulting and Design, Raleigh, North Carolina | Oct 2012-Dec 2014

  • Manage project productivity, deadlines, and as many as 8 employees
  • Meet with clients; site visits when necessary
  • Quality Control for all structural and architectural plans to client specifications

Owner/Designer | All 4 Him Industries, Tallahassee, Florida | Nov 2005-2012

  • Manage project productivity and deadlines
  • Budget company receivables and payables, Invoicing & post project communication
  • Meet with clients; discover and accurately communicate client needs; site visits when necessary
  • Quality Control; Design and Drafting

Product Development Manager | Turner Heritage Homes, Tallahassee, Florida | Jan 2006-Jun 2007

  • Manage team or 2-4 drafters to produce plans and respect deadlines
  • Meet with management to determine new products according to existing subdivisions
  • Meet with clients; site visits when necessary
  • Quality Control and Training
  • Design and drafting
  • Coordinate product with other departments within the company

Designer | Nautilus Design Group, Tallahassee, Florida | Dec 2001- Jan 2006

  • Maintain client profiles and on-going projects
  • Meet with clients; site visits when necessary
  • Design and drafting


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina | 2014-2017

  • May 2017 Graduation with Master’s in Architecture
  • Research Assistant – Spring 2015
    • Researching Historical markers in the Raleigh area and mapping them in conjunction with city, national, and global events that occurred at the time of each.
    • Researching the economic, political, and sociological effects at the time of each marker
  • NCSU Architectural Graduate School Association - Fall 2015- Spring 2017
    • Volunteer leadership position focused on the mental, physical, and social health of the Graduate students at the School of Architecture creating positive effect on the studio culture.
    • Attend faculty meetings, organize student-sponsored competitions and events, assist with the organization of the Lecture lunches and guest Lecture Series, give tours and informative events for visiting prospective graduate students, send out weekly “In The Know” emails of internal events of all graduate studios and seminars, manage blog, encourage students and boost moral when needed, work with a small group of volunteers to make all this happen.
  • 2016 AIA Triangle Scholarship nominee
  • 2016-2017 Henry L. Kamphoefner Honor Fellow
  • 2016-2017 Harry B. Gilbert Architecture Graduate Fellowship Recipient
  • Design Thinking Teacher’s Assistant – Fall 2016
    • Responsible for 32 students
    • Grading for all projects, Friday forums, reading responses and evaluations; manage attendance; lead discussion groups; consult with students to help clarify assignments & lectures
  • Introduction to Architecture Teacher’s Assistant – Spring 2017
    • Responsible for 38 students
    • Grading for all sketchbooks, online discussion forums, and exams; manage attendance; lead discussion groups; consult with students to help clarify assignments & lectures
  • 2017 Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Metal Recipient
  • 2017 Dean's Award Recipient

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida | Fall 1999-2001

  • Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
  • Internship 4 months with Clive Chapman Architects, Twickenham, England



  • Strong collaborative team player
  • Positive and enthusiastic personality
  • Self-motivated
  • Commitment to strong work ethic
  • Strong leadership and management experience
  • Passion to make a difference
  • Skilled time manager of both team and self
  • Continuously learning from surroundings
  • Streamline processes and procedures
  • 14 years of professional experience in the residential and commercial design fields
  • Accurately and efficiently meet the design needs of the client


  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Revit, DataCAD, Softplan, AutoCAD
  • Sketchup, Podium, 3Ds Max
  • Adobe Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro
  • Well Crafted Models
  • Urban Design
  • Public Interest Design